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We help clients and businesses out with their digital marketing efforts in Paid Search (Adwords and Bing), SEM, SEO, landing pages, content creation and even web design. 

Adword Vigilante is a digital marketing company. We help make it much easier and simpler for you to understand digital marketing and why it can work for your business. Although we primarily handle Google Adwords and Bing accounts, we can also help you with your SEO, landing pages, content creation, web design and even E-mail Marketing depending on the monthly package you choose to purchase. We will provide in-depth recommendations and analyses so you understand the growing competitive landscape better.

Paid Search on Mobile Phone

You’ve built up enough momentum for your business to succeed, but you may be looking to attract more customers somehow. That’s where SEO and PPC come in. With PPC, we can display your products and services in front of people who use search engines for various purposes, and SEO helps your site establish greater credibility and authority. Don’t let either go to waste!


With Adwords, you can create ads and select specific geographical areas for targeting. With many keywords at your disposal and with our help, we will help you determine the best course of action.


Keyword Research

When you’re running a business, the idea of having to research which keywords are searched the most and which could cost you less can be a pain. Let us take care of that trouble for you. We will provide detailed and organized Excel reports and analyses to help you determine which keywords would work for you from a Paid Search and SEO perspective.


Competitor Research

Wondering what your competitors are up to with their Paid Search and SEO? Don’t worry. We can also take care of that work for you with the tools we currently use like SpyFu and Moz Open Site Explorer. It’s essential for you to know what strategies the competition uses so you can effectively improve your online advertising efforts.


Bing’s platform is very similar to Adwords, and exporting your ads to the platform has never been easier. While Google remains the top paid search player, Bing can also be a formidable option to consider if you already have a working Adwords campaign.


Ad Extensions

Take full advantage of the vast space Adwords can give you. You can have your hours of operation, phone number, and details about your services listed right on the ads themselves. How neat is that?



Once you’ve gotten all that other cool stuff taken care of with your Adwords & Bing campaigns and on-site SEO, we can also give a some suggested websites and blogs you can have your content published in exchange for a hyperlink back to your website. Studies have shown getting high-quality links from websites with good domain and page authority can help improve your search engine rankings significantly.

Why Do PPC and SEO Matter For Your Business? 

People are always looking up relevant information on Google and other search engines

Did you know Google processes over 40,000 searches every second? How about a whopping 3.5 billion searches a day? That’s a ton of people looking for things they need via search engines daily. When you break the numbers down further, people often choose Google as their starting point in their product search.

Your company deserves better

Out are the old days of keyword stuffing and black hat tactics when it comes to marketing your business online. In this day and age, people care about relevant content, content that helps them answer their questions. If done correctly, SEO and PPC can be a big boon to reaching out to potential buyers at various stages in the buying process.

There’s always a niche to fill

This goes for both PPC and SEO. If you’re already in a specific niche market and want to target specific groups of people, SEO and PPC would both be beneficial in helping you reach your goals. With the keyword research tools we use, we have access to what your competitors are doing if they already have their own digital marketing efforts in the works and are able to compile the data together into something easy to understand.

Lots of advertisement variety 

Think of Google and Bing as an online billboard. On Google, you can not only advertise your website and services, but there’s a lot of other useful information which can be added to maximize the potential for your customers to want to know more about. Sitelinks, ad extensions, reviews, ratings, phone extensions, remarketing, and so on. The list of possibilities you can do with Paid Search and SEO is incredible and we’re here to help you take full advantage of it all.

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