About Adword Vigilante
Obsessed with Leads and Your Success!
Adword Vigilante was founded in 2016 by head Digital Marketing Strategist Roberto Severino, who got into digital marketing out of love and passion for challenging himself to do right by others. He wanted to give back to the world with his knowledge of SEM and PPC, and be able to collaborate with business owners to cut the costs of lead generation through advertising on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Quora Ads, and others.

Many people who have come into contact with him have come away thinking, “whoa, he's like a Digital Marketing Whisperer!” Not even kidding about that. 

Here's a testimonial from one of his clients! 
"Roberto has a high level of knowledge when it comes to SEO and PPC, and he has a lot of great insights when it comes to putting together campaigns for clients. He collaborated with my agency to put together a paid social campaign for a new client, and we were all very happy with his guidance and the results. I'd gladly work with him again and am looking forward to future collaboration."
Julie E

But Wait, There’s More!

We know, we know. That old line, but in this case, it is true. How come so many people have benefited the direction and strategy of Roberto’s digital marketing campaigns?

It comes down to his core values as a person: 

1. Integrity

We will never rest until the job is done to the best of our ability. When it comes to the toughest problems, we will give it our very all because your business comes first. You will get realistic expectations upfront about how much you would need to put in from your end to reap the full benefits of paid advertising for your B2B business.

2. Hard Work

You can’t expect to get the best results unless you have a dedicated PPC manager giving their undying attention to each account. Even on holidays, we’re working around the clock to optimize your campaigns and make them the best they can be from an ROI and conversion standpoint.

3. Tireless Problem Solving

We’re not just marketers. We’re problem solvers. We will never say that there isn’t a solution to a problem. Our core philosophy is influenced by the great Greek philosophers such as Epictetus and Plato, combined with the mindsets taught by greats such as Wallace D. Wattles and Napoleon Hill. When it comes to PPC, thinking and growing rich is how we roll! Results and all.

Meet Roberto at Work!

It’s where all the really cool stuff happens. Check out the neat keyboard too. We don’t go cheap on those either. That’s the level of quality we’ll put into making your campaigns succeed.
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