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Google Ads for Your Atlanta Small Business But with a Twist 

At Adword Vigilante, we’re all about the numbers, the stats, and the data. Lots of it. To succeed in PPC, you need someone who’s willing to watch over your account, make the proper optimizations, and help you get ahead of the curve, so Google doesn’t take all your money first. 

There have been many times where potentially great PPC campaigns have been destroyed due to the owners unknowingly letting Google run everything for them. Google Smart Campaigns (former Adwords Express) is another primary culprit of this prevalent problem, although admittedly it has gotten better compared to how it used to be back when this page was written. 

So what do we do differently that makes our service superior than just letting the PPC platforms run the show?


It all comes down to how we treat you like a family member first. We’re just as concerned in the well-being of you and your business as you would be for someone you’re exceptionally close to. We want to work with the most like-minded people who understand our core values, which are:

1. Integrity
2. Hard Work
3. Tireless Problem Solving

Take a look at our About Us page to get to know your company better and see if we’re the right match for your needs! Google Ads has thrown so many more curveballs over the years, but we're ready to take them head on! 

From wasteful Smart campaigns to the bogus recommendations it gives you to spend more money than necessary, we help you cut through the leads and nonsense from Google themselves. 

What You’ll Get From a Seasoned PPC Professional in Atlanta?

At Adword Vigilante, we carefully plan out each campaign we set up. There’s so much logic and time put into making sure that we’ve set them up for as much success as possible. Don’t worry about a thing. We know how to:

Conversion Tracking

Google Tag Manager? What’s that? Don’t worry, we’ve already gotten it under control. CallRail and phone conversion tracking is also a walk in the park for us.


Based on the research and data and what you’re willing to invest, we’ll make sure that your budget fits with your ad scheduling. For smaller businesses, we typically will set up the campaigns, so they run during business hours, and then create a proper budget based on those circumstances.

Keyword Research with Surprises

The very heart of every successful PPC campaign starts with proper keyword research. We use only the most powerful tools to get this done. We know about SEMRush and Ahrefs, but most of all, we always bring our mind and creativity to the table. That's what sets us apart from so many marketing agencies out there that deal with PPC. 


Expect to receive a monthly report to see how your Google Ads are doing and what we’ve been working on. Communication is vital here at Adword Vigilante, and we may contact you even sooner than 30 days to discuss any important updates.

PPC on Google Grounded in Facts

There are several things to consider before launching a new campaign in Google Ads. Did you know that:

• Results through Google Ads are typically much quicker than waiting 6-8 months for leads to start coming through SEO?
• You can start or stop the campaigns with Google Ads at any time?
• PPC isn’t a set it and forget it deal? There’s actually much more to it than one might believe, especially with monitoring the account each day and making the right adjustments!

PPC gives you so many options to help you get the right leads to your business, especially if you’re a newer B2B with lots of capital lying around. That’s what you’re going to need if you’re serious about the success and ROI of your campaigns. We’ll work with you easily if you meet our criteria.

Typically, we work with businesses who are willing to spend at least $1000 to get their campaigns off the ground. This isn’t to scare or intimidate anyone. It’s just from our experience, that’s been the minimum required to gather enough data to make the right decisions moving forward with your campaign.

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