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What’s So Amazing About LinkedIn and Paid Advertising for Atlanta Small Business Owners?

For years, LinkedIn had been dismissed as nothing more than a platform where job seekers could post their CVs and resumes. That was the prevailing attitude for a long time up until 3-4 years ago when more people stumbled onto the fact that they could invest in serious content marketing on the website. With that wave came all the biggest influencers you could find. The Gary Vees of the world, Oleg Vishnepolsky, Kirsty Bonner, Bridgitte Hyacinth. The list is endless, but thanks to their efforts, LinkedIn has become a top B2B marketing destination. More businesses are clamoring to figure out the best ways to market themselves on this incredible platform.

So who should you turn to for help with all your LinkedIn marketing efforts, especially with the B2B paid ads system on there? Adword Vigilante, of course! Don’t wear the name out. We were founded by a passionate Digital Marketing Strategist with an insatiable appetite for LinkedIn marketing too. At our agency, we focus not only on Google Ads but firmly believe that paid advertising on LinkedIn is the future. While Facebook Ads can be great for smaller businesses, when it comes to getting as serious as possible about your lead generation prospects, you have to consider giving LinkedIn a shot, and we can help!

Is LinkedIn Advertising Really Worth It in Metro Atlanta?

Unlike other PPC platforms, you get so much more control over where your users can go after they click your ads. Not only can they be taken to your website, but they can also land on your company page if you’re really into growing the number of people who follow the page. Also, the interface of LinkedIn Ads isn’t all too different from what you’d find on Facebook, except you can really laser in on the kind of potential prospects you want to contact and keep them from getting spammed. 

Another reason more businesses are considering advertising on LinkedIn is due to how much cheaper the cost-per-click can be depending on the industry and niche. LinkedIn is much more about reaching out to potential prospects and figuring out who you want to reach out to. At Adword Vigilante, we’ll work with you on devising the best strategy so you can ensure your dollars are being spent the right way.

What You’ll Get From a Seasoned PPC Professional in Atlanta?

At Adword Vigilante, we carefully plan out each campaign we set up. There’s so much logic and time put into making sure that we’ve set them up for as much success as possible. Don’t worry about a thing. We know how to:

Conversion Tracking

What on earth is conversion tracking, and how does it apply to LinkedIn? Don’t worry, we’ve already gotten it under control. You’ll never have to scratch your head wondering how to set up Insight Tags ever again.


Based on the research and data and what you’re willing to invest, we’ll make sure that your budget fits with your ad scheduling. For smaller businesses, we typically will set up the campaigns, so they run during business hours, and then create a proper budget based on those circumstances.

Audience Targeting

We spend much time getting to know your business in depth to make this part of the process so much simpler. Give us as much information as possible on your ideal B2B leads on LinkedIn and we’ll spend as much time as possible targeting to only the people you want, and exclude anyone else uninterested in what you do.


Expect to receive a monthly report to see how your LinkedIn Ads are doing and what we’ve been working on. Communication is vital here at Adword Vigilante, and we may contact you even sooner than 30 days to discuss any important updates.

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