Google Ads Trends in 2023, 2024 and Beyond: What You Should Do to Stay Ahead!

Here at Adword Vigilante, we are all about staying ahead of the curve on the latest trends in PPC advertising. Here’s our perspective on what’s been happening in Google Ads and how you can best stay ahead of the curve, especially with all the recent changes made to the platform, the insistence on broad match being Google’s favorite way of enriching themselves, and all the other nonsense that you have to go through with them as a business owner.

As an entrepreneurial person myself, I want to help businesses avoid these growing pains, so here’s my perspective on what’s been happening and some other tips to make your pay-per-click campaigns even better. Shall we begin?

The Most Ridiculous Changes Google Has Made to Google Ads

I’m not too happy about the changes in the match types in Google. It used to be that you could have much more control over the advertising with broad match modified and phrase match terms, but now it’s just broad match, phrase match, and exact match and even those latter two have had a lot of monkey wrenches thrown into them if you catch my drift.

Another thing that grinds my gears about Google Ads now is how they keep shoving irrelevant recommendations down our throats. We get it Google, you don’t like us using the more ROI-based match types in paid ads accounts.

Well too bad. Experienced, seasoned PPC marketers know better. This is why pay-per-click continues to be one of the most lucrative digital marketing channels any business can invest in, small or large. Whether you are an enterprise organization or a startup, Google Ads is just what you need for that extra bit of brand awareness you’ve been craving!

Moreover, once you understand that Google does NOT have your best interests with getting you the return on ad spend you deserve, it’s much easier to either do it yourself or rely on an experienced pro like myself to help you instead.

Other Google Ads Trends to Be Aware of in 2023 and 2024

For better or worse, the old way of writing ad copy is now out the window. You used to be able to write expanded text ads and keep it so simple. But now, you have responsive search ads running the show. With their 30-character headline limits and 90-character limits for descriptions, you have to be even better at getting your points across in limited space.

You still have call-only ads, but the responsive search ads are the ones that have gotten me the most conversions in the last couple of months. Know how to write effective ad copy for both formats and you should see superior results with your campaigns.

AI Generated Ad Copy and Content

Here’s another major one that might continue to rock the PPC world. AI generated content, landing pages, and copywriting. While I don’t use AI to create my ad copy for clients and businesses, I’ve seen others make use of the technology for these purposes. Our stance on the matter is that AI generated content works best on the SEO front, but can be useful in making your workflow for PPC more streamlined, like for keyword research and generating quicker strategies to implement.

I can see that in 2024, AI will become a larger part of the PPC marketer’s toolkit. There’s an art to being able to write good copy on the fly and to get your hands dirty, but expect ChatGPT and other AI tools like it to become even more powerful when it comes to data analysis and calculating your return on ad spend. That’s mainly what I use it for when I’m analyzing campaigns daily.

Bing Ads as a Potential Competitor

Even with the ruckus going on at OpenAi with Sam Altman getting hired (again), Bing has held their ground as a key competitor to Google. That means Bing Ads will probably grow a bit more in market share, even though it’s unlikely they will be able to crush Google any time soon. Google has the money, the power, and influence in the way current paid advertising works. I don’t see this changing soon, but long-term, Bing is a player worth keeping an eye on and running campaigns for diversification’s sake.

Tips for Staying Ahead of the Curve with Google Ads PPC Marketing Campaigns

Here’s what you can do so you don’t get left in the cold as Google continues to make further changes to their platform:

1. Don’t panic!

Keep calm as Google continues to update everything. Nothing worse than getting scared when many of these changes have already been in the works for a while.

2. Continue to Test, Test, Test, and Test

Don’t solely rely on what you think worked before. Always embrace new PPC strategies to get the best ROI. Try different ad copy, keywords, and ad groups respectively.

3. Create at Least 5-10 Different Headlines

With responsive search ads being the norm now, make sure you’re writing plenty of headlines and descriptions for maximum testing purposes.

4. To Pin or Not to Pin

From my experience, pinning works in moderation. Mainly use it to pin the most important headlines and descriptions that go into more detail about your products and what differentiates you from the rest of the competition. Otherwise, you don’t always need to do this. It really depends on the business you’re working with.

5. Keep Your Negative Keyword List in Tip Top Shape

Given the way Google Ads works now, you must have a robust negative keyword list at your disposal. I always use them to exclude products we don’t sell at all. Always include terms like “free” and “diy” and “guides” too. Save those kinds of words for longform blog content or something. For PPC, you are mainly targeting people who are already interested in making a purchase. You’re using paid ads to increase your sales, bottom line!


Google Ads has changed plenty in the last few years, but the principles of good copywriting, ad structure, and negative lists have not. Keep these in mind as you formulate new campaign strategies, and you should be golden no matter how many curveballs Google throws at you. And remember, don’t panic at these changes. Keep doing what you’re doing, but know when you need to adjust your strategy on a big-picture level. If you know something’s not working, change it right away, and don’t be swayed by Google’s garbage recommendations either. Sometimes, they can be useful, but most of the time, it’s a big giveaway for them to make more money from your business. That’s the way I see it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article from us. For greater PPC insights, check out our blog and stay tuned for more content like this in the future that tells it to you straight with PPC matters! Contact us for more details on how we can best work with you on your new PPC campaigns!

Updates for My Pay Per Click Focused Website & More

Hey everyone,

It's been a long while since I last updated this website, and I apologize for the radio silence. I had a really nice looking site going and surprisingly it really holds up even in 2023! You might be wondering, where have I been? Well, life happened. I've focused on my family and explored other pursuits that I've always been passionate about. Some were successful, others not so much, but all were valuable experiences.

My Journey in Digital Marketing and Beyond

Although I've been away, my interest in online marketing, SEO, and PPC has never waned. I've continued to apply these skills, including updating my other digital marketing related website, where I recently discussed in more detail what I've been doing for the last few years.

I've dabbled in growing an Instagram account, dealt with the highs and lows of LinkedIn, and shifted hosting providers to optimize performance. All this while keeping this site alive, albeit dormant. There were times where I thought about pulling the plug on this site altogether, but something in me told me to keep all my sites up no matter what. They could always serve as case studies or experiments where I could run ads and test things out in Google.

SEO and PPC Updates: What's Coming?

Big changes are coming to Adword Vigilante, mainly focusing on PPC strategies. You'll also see some updates on my other site, which is more geared towards SEO. Both sites are built on different platforms—Adword Vigilante on Oxygen and on Divi—but rest assured, I plan to revitalize both to fit the ever-changing landscape of online marketing.

It's true—neglect a site for too long and Google might just think you're out of business. But the good news is, with an aged domain, the turnaround can be quicker than starting from scratch. This is why I always say to people keep all the domains you buy, even the ones you're not gonna use right away. You never know when they might come in handy for a marketing experiement. It's always far harder to start over again from scratch when it comes to online marketing and paid search. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Use what you already have and run with it, and then turn the screws when you see results!

Learning from the Experts in Pay Per Click

Over the years, I've really leveled up my skills by cutting through the noise of online marketing advice and implementing strategies from people who genuinely know what they're talking about. This firsthand experience has done wonders for my confidence, allowing me to tackle challenges head-on. Here's one of the latest PPC campaigns I've managed, getting the costs significantly down to on average less than $1.00 CPC, and for a very competitive industry too!

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What's In Store for This Site?

Join me as I bring new life to Adword Vigilante and apply all the invaluable insights I've gained over the years. I'm eager to tackle longstanding issues and get this site—and—back on the right track. I realized the error of my ways trying to target huge cities from the get go without having as much authority built up yet. I'm going to correct that mistake in the next few weeks hopefully and apply everything I know from different areas of digital marketing to see what happens.

Thank you for sticking around, and stay tuned for the exciting changes ahead!