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Internet marketing has been booming in the last several years. There’s much talk thrown about SEO and content marketing, and email marketing as well. But often overlooked part of the equation PPC, and not just PPC, but knowing what platforms you’re willing to put in the time and effort into to gain the results and leads you want.

Anyone can boast about how high their click-through-rates are and what keywords they were able to find, but what’s way more important than us is seeing how these campaigns translate into the real world. That real-world meaning the conversions and leads you’re actually getting from the campaigns. Just like with any of the other digital marketing strategies, the point of trusting a professional to handle these campaigns is two-fold:

1. Dreaded Automation Can Kill a Campaign Like Raid

How many times have you heard stories of business owners giving up on PPC because the campaigns weren’t profitable at the end? One of the reasons this might have been the case is because they were tricked into letting Google and LinkedIn take full control over the campaign. We’ve run into situations over and over where a campaign had so much potential, only for it to be ruined by one of the settings that wasn’t changed.

Whenever we find nothing but “broad match” search terms in a PPC account, it means that we got some serious cobwebs to bust through. But we love the challenge!

2. Quicker Results

SEO can take a very long time to start working, depending on your industry and niche. However, if you have the right budget, PPC can be a much faster, more effective way to get traffic and leads flowing through. You will know in advance what your budget will be. There’s no second-guessing if a particular match type or keyword wasn’t the right intent or match for your business. A lot of this is sorted out during our research and analysis phases of the project.

Once your new campaign is built, and everything is just right on your website, that’s where we go in and take an active management approach to the account. It’s all wholly customized from top to bottom to find the best bang for your buck with your CPCs.

3. Laser-Focused Search Intent

With PPC, you have way more options and flexibility when determining the right keywords to attract the best leads and customers to your site. Those are the people who are going to be most interested in clicking on your ads in the first place. With all the work we do with our negative keyword lists, we further weed out anyone who wouldn’t be interested in your products and services. That’s a huge WIN WIN in our book.

Sometimes you can start seeing results in a matter of weeks once the campaign has been worked on daily by our PPC management professionals.

But What’s Wrong with SEO?

Good question. We’re all huge fans of PPC here at Adword Vigilante, but also understand the importance of SEO from a landing page optimization perspective. There are many insights from SEO that can make your PPC campaigns better. However, as a whole, that could take up to 6-8 months to even begin seeing results. We’re about action and getting you the best return on your investment without fooling around.

So, really nothing, except you could be getting way more leads in far less time with PPC. Take your pick!

Businesses We Help

We’re very open-minded in our approach to finding the right people to work with us. All we ask is that you take the time to understand that with PPC, it’s a put up or shut up scenario. You have to be willing to spend money to make money.

We tell you this, so you come in with the right mindset. Check out the About page if you haven’t already to get a feel for who we are as a company first before proceeding.

Right now, we help B2B businesses from a variety of verticals, including:



Health & Wellness

Local B2B Businesses 

We’re flexible and can work with other verticals too. Again, the main requirement is that you know what you’re getting yourself into and that you’re prepared to put in some of that sweet investment upfront. Then, that makes our lives even easier.
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